Go big or go home

Go Big or Go Home Over the past 10 years we’ve carved out a bit of a niche for ourselves for being able to deliver large volume animation projects. It’s an interesting area as you need to blend creative skills with a lot of tech and processes to get the best result. It began with […]

What’s in the Box!? – Studio inspiration #1

WHATS IN THE BOX?! A brief glimpse into some animations that have inspired us at the studio this week… Toms pick: I like the way the colours are used to… Charlie’s pick: I like the way the colours are used to… Matts pick: I like the way the colours are used to… Instagram Envelope Linkedin

Love Letter to Animation – Matt

The Love Letter to Animation Series – Matt I bloody love animation. I have done ever since I was a little kid. I’m fortunate enough to meet more of ‘my kind’ frequently, and the passion and excitement around our beloved medium is never too far below the surface… especially when you work at an animation […]

Tom Blog

Get to know Tom Our first instalment of ‘Get to know Box Animation Studio’ animation blog will highlight pathways into animation and the surrounding careers at the studio. Meet Tom, who’s been an animator since 2016 but with us just over a year. He’s a prodigy in traditional styles, with his work having a natural charm […]


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